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Custom handmade watch straps


    My strap making sprang from an interest in leather working in general.  I’m a member on several web forums, and was impressed by some of the custom leather goods that other members were making.  I made a trip to a local leather supply company and jumped in with both feet.  Soon, I was making custom holders for my Swiss Army knives, flashlights, and my titanium chopsticks.  I know, I’m a gadget geek.

    Not long after getting started in leather working, I got the itch to get a new watch, and picked up a Seiko 5 from a fellow forum member, thats it in the lower left pic above.  I love the watch, but was bored with the stock nylon strap.  After a few failed attempts, and with lots of help from some fellow strap makers on the web, I finally was producing straps that were suitable for public display.  Soon, I had abandoned all my other leather projects, and was focusing solely on watch straps.  I was posting pics of my work on various web forums and soon was receiving messages asking if my work was for sale.  Since then, I have been making and selling straps of my own design, and taking custom orders.

    Hi, I’m David Appleman, owner of Strap Evolution.  I’d like to thank you for stopping by my little corner of the web.  I am a maker of custom handmade watch straps.  On these pages you will find examples of my work.  You will see pre-made straps for sale, examples of custom straps that I have made for customers, and some straps that were made for my own enjoyment.

    Want to talk about a strap for your fine timepiece?  Contact me at

About me and watch straps.